BIG COUSIN ENERGY: Aniwaniwa Mix for KQ (Download)

One of the Kuini Qontrol club night OG’s DJ ANIWANIWA rechristens our new era with the hearty Waitangi Day megamux. Blending “a blow out after a long day of protesting and mahi from da paepae 2 da kihini” to me Sophie is an effortless mix/set beast, we’re comprised of the same racial molotov cocktail and cursed birthday (23DEk KRU) plus she is truly one of my blueprint favs. The Rainbow God herself writes from Melbourne:

“I had a date with this Palagi socialist who’s finishing his PHD in Property Economics (to try and bring the man down from the inside I guess) and when he asked what my politics were, I said I was for globalism which he hated lol. I don’t really know much about politics or isms — i try to stay informed but end up making my own conclusions that aren’t rooted in reality (lol classic artist shit). Anyway I tried to explain that globalism to me was important for minority cultures or subcultures — to share stories of colonialism and urbanism through codes only we share. I feel like understanding this morse code is one thing i’m good at?”

As well as this pikitia of the sun up close (looks like caramel popcorn dregs imo) the tracklist is mad and features one of our shared loves, Jane Child. If you know you know! Listen/Download below:

PS The Metadeta says Machine Gun Sounds from Youtube but don’t be fooled, this is genuine Aniwaniwa product lol! Also don’t forget Ngāpuhi Never Ceded Sovereignty!